The Cost of Untreated Hearing Loss

03 Jan 2019

When it comes to hearing loss, it turns out there is a lot more at stake than just a few missed conversations. Whatever the reason, the avoidance of seeking help and treatment comes at a tremendous cost. Employers should be all ears when it comes to the impact of untreated […]


Tinnitus – The Ringing Within

02 Jan 2019

At some stage in our lives, we are all likely to experience ringing or buzzing in our ears when there is no apparent external sound. This is a condition known as tinnitus. The severity and intrusion of this internal sound varies greatly between individuals. Most commonly, tinnitus is related to […]


Hearing in Noise. No thanks.

01 Jan 2019

For most of us, hearing loss occurs in the inner ear, as the nerve fibres begin to show wear and tear, including with age, noise exposure or illness. We know that after around 40 years of age, we can begin to notice, and an audiologist can document, early signs of […]


Ears & Air Travel

04 Dec 2018

Many of us find ourselves taking to the skies over the Christmas period ideally to an exotic location, however, more often simply to beat the heat. Air travel can often be a problem for our ears – especially for those who have difficulties equalising air pressure during ascent or descent. […]