Since receiving my hearing aid a new world has opened up to me, for instance I can now hear the pet cat snore, I notice the sounds being emitted from the microwave oven, the washing machine and even the clocks ticking, the sound of my car’s engine is different, and the birds, all of the years I have missed their wonderful chorus in the morning and evening.

G. McShanag (NT)

Once again many thanks for your excellent help for not only providing such wonderful hearing equipment but also for the comprehensive, caring and skillful pre and after sale service.

M. Smith (NT)

I have been asked lots of time why I don’t use hearing aids. I tell people I have now used them for years. Very surprised they ask:” Are they implanted?” I say “No” and demonstrate by taking out one of my devices. The reaction is:” Oh, they are very small and you can hardly see them.”

G. Vel (NT)

I would like to thank you and your staff for being so professional and helpful. We were both impressed by the comprehensiveness of the test, which in our experience was the best that has been undertaken so far. The staff in reception were very helpful and kept us right up to date as to where the hearing aid was up to. Thanks again for the excellent service.

L. Argus (NT)

I was new to hearing aids but needed them to hear bird calls and understand young children’s developing speech, which was quite challenging! Matt let me try different Starkey models, and showed me how to use the features to get closer to my goals. He responded to my experiences and concerns in person and by email, and was very persistent in adjusting the settings until I could clearly hear all those little creatures.

M. La Flamme (NT)