Tinnitus – The Ringing Within

At some stage in our lives, we are all likely to experience ringing or buzzing in our ears when there is no apparent external sound. This is a condition known as tinnitus. The severity and intrusion of this internal sound varies greatly between individuals. Most commonly, tinnitus is related to hearing loss. Other causes of tinnitus include loud noise exposure, some medications, physical injury to the head, ear disease or infection, and jaw joint misalignment. Stress and fatigue can sometimes worsen the symptoms of tinnitus, as can caffeine, smoking, and alcohol.

Tinnitus should be fully evaluated to ensure that it is not caused by another treatable health problem. While research has yet to discover a cure for all tinnitus, there are a number of proven treatments to help sufferers manage the condition and lessen its intrusion. This process begins with identifying the cause.

If hearing loss is present, a hearing aid is likely to help the hearing as well as to reduce the awareness of the tinnitus by providing enhanced external sound awareness. Reducing or managing your stress and fatigue can also assist in reducing tinnitus. There are other devices to assist with tinnitus which are fitted by your Audiologist.

Unfortunately, tinnitus is not a simple problem with a simple solution. Everybody’s tinnitus noise is specific to them, and as a result, treatments need to be tailored to the individual. Cutting-edge audiological assessment and treatment means tinnitus can be much more effectively managed.

The first step to treating tinnitus is to have the symptoms fully assessed. Audiologists specialise in tinnitus treatment once the underlying cause is known. For expert audiological advice regarding tinnitus and hearing loss, contact our clinic.