Volunteer Program


Arafura Audiology, and Alice Audiology, have obtained and fitted donated hearing aids to treat patients with permanent hearing loss in Timor Leste that otherwise would not have received such technology or treatment options.

The Timor Audiology Rona Programa, based in Darwin, has provided annual volunteer not-for-profit audiological clinical services to Dili and Atauro Island, Timor Leste, since 2012, with the assistance of local services.

Our commitment is to continue to establish sustainable, long term audiological care, overseen by local staff, and with specialist support from visiting clinicians from Darwin. In providing enhanced hearing outcomes, and enabling early identification of hearing loss, long term educational and employment outcomes are significantly enhanced and the cost on and burden to the local economy notably reduced. Add to that, most importantly, the quality of life obtained by individuals who may otherwise not be able to communicate effectively, hear birds sing, or waves lap on the sand without appropriate audiological treatment and care.

It is envisaged that by committing additional resources, and increasing links with local medical and allied health services in Dili, that we can establish a dedicated, sustainable local service able to adequately meet the audiological needs of the hearing impaired community in Timor Leste, both paediatric and adult.

  • Treat patients identified with permanent hearing loss
  • Train local health services and practitioners to effectively identify, triage, and provide follow up care for those with hearing loss
  • Provide appropriate, current hearing aid technology acquired through donations and acquisitions of devices from patients in Australia for fitting to patients in Dili and wider Timor Leste.
  • Assist with the establishment of early identification programs for hearing loss. It is now well established that early diagnosis leads to early intervention, which in turn leads to optimal educational and employment opportunities.
  • Provide supervision and ongoing training of local clinicians involved in care of the hearing impaired in Timor Leste, including in ear health measures and the maintenance of hearing aids fitted on specialist audiological visits.

We look forward to continuing to provide this invaluable service.